Where’s Frankie?

Frankie has become quite the attraction here at the studio both for the staff and for anyone who visits! He’s got quite the personality for such a little tortoise.

We’ve had lots of visitors lately and everyone that comes in instantly migrates to the rather large tank in the room. And here recently, it’s been empty.


We thought we would have some fun with it and play a little game of…

“Where’s Frankie?”

Doing a little sight-seeing in Paris?


Or maybe he’s soaking up the sun on a fabulous beach!

Beach(Please note he is wearing sunscreen)

Who doesn’t love a nice Disney vacation?!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAComplete with Mickey ears of course.

Maybe he’s a history buff and doing a little research in Egypt.



Hangin’ out in Grand Cayman at the Turtle Farm.


Maybe he’s a little closer to home at Navy Pier.


OR…my personal favorite..

Frankie’s on the hunt for the Loch Ness Monster!!


Ok, ok, the simple truth is that he’s been hangin’ at home with BJ. He needed a little extra monitoring due to a change in his diet (Frankie not BJ).

But don’t worry, Image Groups smallest Groupie will be returning soon!

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