TTMMH- Round Two

I don’t know about y’all, but I’ve been terribly caught up in the hustle and bustle of life lately- the busy at work, house hunting, puppy loving, errand running, family shenanigan hustle and bustle. I’m really bad at slowing down, even for a second, to appreciate all of the small pieces that come together and make my life so wonderful (especially since giving up caffeine for lent- only 27 more days!).

There’s a trend scooting around the interwebs over the past couple of years that I’ve been too lazy to jump onto that focuses on happy things or things we’re thankful for everyday. I tried (and failed) once before, but once again I’ve decided that I’m going to collect a weekly list of the little smiles and warm fuzzy nuggets I encounter and while I might not always share them here, I thought you guys might enjoy so of my recent Things That Make Me Happy:

Homemade Sunday Brunch:

Happy Baby Outtakes:

Dinners out with Family:

Unorthodox Words of Encouragement:


Snapchats from friends that know you all too well:

Puppy Lovins:

Suprise 12-Egg Omelettes:

Relevant Birthday Presents:

I challenge all of y’all to pay closer attention the little goodies- making an even $20.00 at the gas pump or an extra cherry in your shamrock shake. See how it changes your outlook and general disposition.


One thought on “TTMMH- Round Two

  1. Sam’s and mine look good with the changes. On the invites no names (they look to big,unless you can make them smaller) just the year at the bottom. Thank you. Denise Estes

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