The Power of Place

Most of the time, the subject in front of the camera is a person. They have a face that tells the story of the photo, but no offense to us human beings, sometimes we are not very subtle at getting our message across– this coming from a very Italian woman. A place has a more delicate way of telling us what has happened and what is yet to come.

Here are some of the places we have traveled recently and have stayed with us.

A graduation I’ll never forget.

Golfing on the riverfront.

The Maxson/Summers fairytale wedding.

A farewell before a demolition.

A celebration of Hospice’s 35 years.

A quiet glimpse of Kankakee.

Photographers love places. They are uninterrupted, natural, and beautiful for the very reason of being overlooked, forgotten pieces of time. Very often, we forget that a place has a history, it has served a purpose and will continue to do so even after we pass by.

It can be a decked out venue or an untouched landscape, a place has a lot to offer if we take the time to look. So I want to challenge everyone to look around. At your home, those cracks on the sidewalk, your summer vacation location… anywhere!

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