A Year in Review (AKA The Blog is Back!)

Hello again from the groupies!

The past year has been one of our busiest yet—so busy, in fact, that we’ve neglected to update our blog in almost exactly a year (whoops!). We promise we’re still here, though, and we’ve got plenty to fill you all in on, including weddings, babies, and new additions to the groupie family!

This year, the studio has seen plenty of changes. We’ve had tons of fun shooting for several new schools, like BBCHS. It’s always a pleasure to get to know the students and share in their moments of school pride.

The groupies also welcomed two new members to our staff. Hannah (left) and Taylor (right) are both graduates of Olivet and former students of BJ. Hannah has filled the role of Project Manager, and Taylor is one of IG’s photographers. We’ll get to know them a bit more in future blog posts.

Family has always been important here, and ours has expanded quite a bit recently. Last March, BJ’s second grandson, Caden, was born…

…and he just had his first birthday!

In September, we had the privilege of photographing Meredith’s wedding.

And then, in November, our very own Brittany got married!

This winter, we saw little Bennett enter the world.

And Beckett turned two!

Life has certainly kept us all busy, and we look forward to whatever new adventures await us! More to come soon!