Summer Shenanigans

This summer has given us a multitude of rain and yucky weather. Yet, in between the raindrops and waterfalls, the Groupies come out to play.

We all have spent some wonderful days recently and wanted to share our summertime shenanigans with you!

We have had some trips to the Beach, Chicago, the Zoo, Tennessee, and many more!

Here are some of the photographs we took along the way!

Jacqueline went to Silver Beach-


The Fourth of July was fun for all of us-




Jacqueline killed it at The Taste of Joliet-


Brittany got some Momma and puppy lovin’ in Tennessee-


Brittany also attended a wonderful wedding in Michigan-


I (Meredith) got to spend some time in Chicago with Cj-


I also got to take some adorable photos of my 15 year old Puppy-


Annie, Nancy, and Jamie enjoyed The Color Run-


And Bj had some Fun Adventures with Puppies, Children, and Grandchildren-


This icky weather summer is not holding us back from having a fun time! πŸ™‚

What are some of the fun shenanigans that you guys have been up to this rainy summer?


Fresh Groupie Alert

Hi there!

It’s been a while now, but it is finally time for me to introduce myself! My name is Meredith Rennewanz and I am the β€œnewbie” groupie to the Image Group family!


Now, I am going to give you a crash course on who I am, so get your pens ready because there will be a quiz at the end! πŸ˜‰ (Just kidding!)

I am 21 years old and am currently studying Photography and Business at Olivet Nazarene University, where I plan to graduate in 2016. (I have actually had the lovely pleasure of having our boss man, BJ, as my professor at Olivet!)


I am born and raised here, in Limestone, Illinois, with my parents and my brother, Dustin.

I am also engaged to a wonderful human-being, named Cj Grzincic, and we are set to get married in September 2016! I have had too much fun wedding planning and I cannot wait to start a new adventure with him! P.S. I also know all of the new and popular as well as DIY tricks for weddings πŸ˜‰


I am also a lovely pet owner to a marvelous feline named Meeko (He is practically my baby)((I’m also an obsessed Cat Lady and I have no shame)). Additionally, my heart is also captivated by my amazing dog, Mansker (Manny for short), who recently just turned 15 (Yep, you read that right, I have had him since I was in 1st grade and I am now a senior in college!)


I am also an avid movie quoter and I am notorious for incorporating them into daily conversation. I have a massive sweet tooth and know all of the best dessert places in town! I also have a slight addiction to make-up, so I can let you know all of the best things to make your face BEAUTIFUL! πŸ˜‰Β  I love to have fun and be silly, but I can get down to business when necessary. I am additionally known for my widely sarcastic sense of humor. You only get one chance at life, so you might as well have fun living it!


Photography has been a passion of mine since I was a little girl walking around with my Barbie camera. I am in love with the idea of capturing moments and expressions to cherish for a lifetime. I guess that is the sentimental side of me. Working at Image Group is incredibly amazing and forces me to step outside of my comfort zone on multiple occasions, but I love it!!


My fellow Groupies have done a wonderful job of welcoming me into the Image Group family and making me feel at home. I definitely hit the ground running when I started here, but I am learning so much along the way.

So if you see me out on location, feel free to stop and say hello! I would love to chat! πŸ™‚

“Every day you have the opportunity to learn and experience something and someone new. Seize the opportunity. Learn and experience everything you can, and use it to change the world.” -Rodney Williams