Where Does My Money Go? -Investing in Us


We’ve been noticing a lot of buzz going around about the differences in pricing between various photography studios- especially with the closing of many chain studios in department stores.

We wanted to put in our two cents about where your money goes when you hire a photographer (specifically us) and why prices have recently risen across the industry.

Professional vs. Amateur

Hiring a professional photographer is an investment.  The pictures you will come away with become more valuable as time goes by.  You can’t bring back the time, and as we all know it goes by much too quickly. Given the digital age we live in today, photos are accessible every second of everyday.  This is where hiring a professional photographer is essential. The saying, “You get what you pay for” is absolutely true in the photography world. Be wary of deals that seem to good to be true as most often they are just that. While there are exceptions to this, make sure that your photographer is professionally trained and can deliver top quality images in any situation. While an amateur or friend that dabbles in photography might offer you a disc of all of the images for a steal- it’s inevitable that the disc will become corrupted, get chewed on by the new puppy, or lost in the file drawer. It’s a gamble whether or not that photographer friend still has the images to replace your loss. Here at Image Group, you will always be working with professionally trained photographers, designers, etc. You will always receive finished edited images- ready to print into timeless heirlooms. We strive to be the absolute best that we can be for each and every client.

One-on-One Client Interaction

Every time you call the studio, a real person will answer the phone to address any questions that you may have. Everything we do is custom and personal every client that we encounter, becoming a part of our Groupie family. We say hello when we run into you at the grocery store, a football game, or at a restaurant and genuinely hope things are going well!

The Products

Every finished product that is placed into a client’s hands has been carefully handled to ensure the highest quality. Our products are all created with archival materials that will last for generations and are guaranteed not to fade with time.

The Experience

We believe that every client is special and treat every interaction as such. Part of your investment includes a fun and friendly experience to capture the personality and uniqueness of every individual, group, family, and event. We truly love what we do and want to share that with you.

The Breakdown

When it comes to booking any kind of photography services- portrait, senior, family, wedding, commercial, etc. there are costs involved that might not be common knowledge to the client.

A typical session encompasses all of the following aspects, including the behind-the-scenes:

  • Professionally trained photographer(s)
  • Top-of-the-line photography equipment (camera bodies, lenses, light modifiers, backgrounds, etc.)
  • Fully insured equipment/staff
  • Session pre-planning by client/photographer/assistant
  • Photographer/Assistants time during session and travel for session if applicable
  • Access to all of the studio’s resources (locations, props, etc.)
  • Professional retouching and editing of files using industry standard programs and equipment
  • Dedicated time to view, select, and order favorite images
  • Online gallery viewing/ordering
  • Highest quality printing and production with exclusive use of archival inks and premium-lustre photo papers
  • Highest quality, custom designed products (albums, canvases, etc.)
  • Custom order packaging by in-house production staff

 The Bottom Line

The bottom line when it comes to hiring a professional photographer is that you will get your money’s worth when it comes to service, quality, and time. We know that things can get expensive- don’t let our prices scare you! We will work with you to make sure that you walk away happy and satisfied!

Times Gone By

I don’t know about you, but I love looking at old photos and hearing the stories behind them.
Photographs are so important to history.
They give a tangible quality to things that might otherwise just be stories or verbal descriptions.
Being able to see history makes it real, makes it relatable.

Recently, three rolls of film were found in my Grandpa’s home labeled “Honeymoon ’52” and the family wanted to see what was on them.
I packaged up the film and sent them in to be scanned.

When they came back- we were thrilled!
Grampa had never seen the photos (they were developed but never printed), and included photos from his honeymoon and his service in the navy in Holland.

Grampa’s memory is razor sharp and we got to hear stories all about the photos, including names of people, cities, etc.
Such a great treasure!!

I’m sure if you want to hear some stories, my Grandpa would love to share!
Do you have any old photos that you love?
We’d love to see them!

Sweet Summertime

My family has a strong love for fishing- particularly amongst the men.
Frequent fishing trips to Canada, Southern Illinois, and every fishing hole in between were a staple for all of the uncles, cousins, etc.


This weekend was extra special for fishing, as all of the women were allowed (or invited themselves) to tag along.
From cigars to 8lb catfish, the day was an insightful look into what the boys get away with when they leave the girls at home.


While I can’t speak for the rest of the girls- I wish the boys would’ve let us in on their fun sooner!
We had an absolute blast.






Papa might’ve had more fun than any of us- look at that adorable face!!

What are some of your favorite summer past times?!

I Still Shoot Film

Kylie’s and my favorite photographic medium is black and white film.

While at Olivet, we were both required to take two darkroom classes and we fell in love.
The ability to control every little piece of your image- from exposure to development to printing, is something that I adore.
There is nothing like getting your hands wet in the chemistry and spending hours in the darkroom creating.

While I don’t get to shoot film and get into the darkroom as much as I’d like, I still shoot film!
Here are some of my favorites:


Prom Season!

Prom season is always full of gorgeous weather, glittering dresses, dapper suits, and stunning photos.


Here are some of our favorites from the past few weekends:


It all makes me wonder why there aren’t more fancy occasions for adults!!
(Grown-up prom anyone?!)

This year we introduced our open photobooth- a success!



So much fun!!
What were some of your favorite prom moments?!

Spring Has Finally Sprung- Easter Sunday!

I hope you all had a fantastic Easter weekend!
Easter is one of my absolute favorite holidays for many reasons…
Spring colors, green grass, smiling faces, and sinfully good food accompanied by the people I love the most- what could be better?

Here are a few favorite moments from all of us groupies:

What were some of your favorite Easter moments?

Our Favorites – Weddings


Spring is in the air (hopefully permanently) & wedding season is rapidly approaching!!

Weddings produce hundreds of amazing images, but there are always one or two that just really stand out.
In the spirit of the season, I thought I would share some of my favorite photos.











CC_0182.b&w copy










I hope that you enjoy them as much as we do!
Happy Spring!


Down on the Farm

There are few places that I truly feel like I’m home. One of those places is C & L Farms in Lebanon Tennessee, which is owned and operated by my cousin and her husband.           Their farm includes seven goats, three dogs, and two pigs. It’s a little slice of country heaven in contrast to our typically hectic life.

Blessings were abundant there within the last week and a half with the birth of not one but 5 baby goats! Baby GoatsAren’t they just the cutest?

BabiesColin & Lindsay certainly have their hands full with all those little ones! And possibly more very soon..

I was almost immediately drawn to Norman, who looked very similar to a very familiar face in my life..Lucy!! OK OK..they aren’t near the same breed. But Norman’s spots and his sweet demeanor reminded me of my spoiled spotted dog at home. If Norman wasn’t so little and dependent on mom, I would have smuggled him home in my purse!

Side by SideEven my tech savvy son, Nikolas, got in on the farm fun helping Colin with the evening feedings. Nik seemed to enjoy the feeding duties but was quick to trade in his farm hand gloves. Little does he know, I offered him and his brother up as summer farm interns!

Untitled-4I can see myself having a small farm someday. Of course with new little ones being born every spring, I can see it becoming quite large. Their too cute NOT to keep!

Untitled-5Tennessee has certainly become our second home. And maybe someday..it’ll be our first.

To keep up with the babies and the rest of the C & L Herd, follow them on Facebook! Colin posts some really funny herd updates.


For All the Romantics


Yup, this is yet another post about my fiance.  I can’t help it.  I’m hooked!

We have officially conquered 3/4 of our long distance engagement!  And with 99 days of separation still ahead of us, I decided that today was a good day to concentrate not on the discouraging length of the countdown, but on what’s on the other side…


I spent early January in WA with Joshua and here are a few things I got really excited about..

 Charlie Brown Christmas trees and wood burning stoves.


Hiking with new friends and getting to better know our new puppy, Clyde.


More adventures in a new, old vehicle that doesn’t like to stay in one piece.


And finally…

New views like these… ( :


When asked by a flight attendant when the next time I’d see him would be, I had to answer, “On our wedding day, 6 months from now..” through sobs.  It’s a struggle getting through airport security with all your luggage in one hand and a handful of Kleenex in the other, in case anyone was wondering.

But on the brighter side…


I have a great new chapter to look forward to and another wonderful one yet to finish up.  I’m learning that every season is valuable and that joy can be found in all of them.