The Power of Place

Most of the time, the subject in front of the camera is a person. They have a face that tells the story of the photo, but no offense to us human beings, sometimes we are not very subtle at getting our message across– this coming from a very Italian woman. A place has a more delicate way of telling us what has happened and what is yet to come.

Here are some of the places we have traveled recently and have stayed with us.

A graduation I’ll never forget.

Golfing on the riverfront.

The Maxson/Summers fairytale wedding.

A farewell before a demolition.

A celebration of Hospice’s 35 years.

A quiet glimpse of Kankakee.

Photographers love places. They are uninterrupted, natural, and beautiful for the very reason of being overlooked, forgotten pieces of time. Very often, we forget that a place has a history, it has served a purpose and will continue to do so even after we pass by.

It can be a decked out venue or an untouched landscape, a place has a lot to offer if we take the time to look. So I want to challenge everyone to look around. At your home, those cracks on the sidewalk, your summer vacation location… anywhere!

Sweet Summer Time

The unbeatable warmth of the sun, the delectable smell of freshly cut grass, kids laughing, parents relaxing, fans blaring…the clear signs that summer is finally here. Yes, the warmest season is upon us, and it’s time to ring in the days by the pool and the nights sitting under the stars.

Take a look at what we’ve been doing during these lazy, hazy days!

Look at all that green!

However you spend your summer, whether it’s on a beach, sliding down a water slide, or taking a much-needed breather at home, we at Image Group wish you all the best. Stop in and tell us all about your trips… just know we’ll be extremely jealous of you.

Stay safe and have fun!

Photographers are Storytellers

Despite what many people think (me, included), there is more than one way to tell a story. Writers use pen and paper, actors use themselves, painters use… paint.

Photographers are no different. They use a camera and their imagination to stop those moments that may be forgotten, but really, they can do so much more.

They can document a school’s milestone.

They have the ability to capture a child’s true nature.

They have the skill to immortalize the perfect shot.

They can catch a glimpse into a young couple’s beautiful future.

Never underestimate the power a photographer has. Holding a camera and pressing a button are only the mechanics. Stopping time, creating hidden possibilities, and putting story to subject is the magic beneath it all.

They’re illusionists, they’re artists, they’re storytellers.

Graduation is here!

Graduation Day.

It’s the day all of your hard work is honored and celebrated. It’s the day  you remember all of those sleepless nights, all or nothing projects that required your undivided attention, and those papers… all of those papers that were your keys to the Emerald City.
Well, this is what your hard work looks like in the end.

Sort of.

But no matter what your hard work looks like, you deserve to be honored. Studying, cramming, etc. is no easy task (speaking as a recent graduate myself). It’s planning, writing, not sleeping, eating junk food, crying… I got off point. What I’m trying to say is, no matter what you do during your educational career, graduation is the day where you get to reflect on what you have done and what you are going to do.

So grab that diploma, hug your loved one, snap a selfie.

Do what you gotta do to celebrate you.

From all of us at Image Group, congratulations!

You deserve it.

Introducing: Bert and Ernie

Yes, you read that right, but the two additions to Image Group are not puppets who live on Sesame Street. They are state of the art photobooths we recently acquired and already fallen in love with. Seriously, we can’t get enough of them!

Thanks to Nick at Open Air, Bert and Ernie (a joke I made that seemed to stick) arrived, and after some building, programming, and playing the two are now up and running. They are ready for dances, weddings, corporate events– anything!

They even had their first appearance at Reed Custer High School’s Prom, and they were a blast!

The photobooth is back! Let us know if you are having an event and want Bert and Ernie there to capture the moments you want to relive again and again.

We supply tools, you supply the smiles.


A Moment to Remember (ft. Christina and Derek)

Get ready to fall in love with Christina and Derek… because we did!

What started as a family session turned into a surprise engagement that made the entire studio burst into tears and smiles.

It all began when Oachia Irvin—Christina’s mother—contacted the studio about a family photo session…with a twist. Her daughter’s boyfriend was going to pop in and pop the question, so being the savvy woman she is, Oachia looked to us to catch Christina off guard…and on camera.

Come March 29th.

While Derek, Christina’s boyfriend, hid in one of our offices, Oachia, Tyrone, and Christina were being photographed by BJ. To Christina, it was a typical family session—until the man of her dreams asked her to be his wife.

She said yes.

It’s moments like these that we live to capture—these moments of pure happiness, pure love, and joy.

Thank you to Oachia for letting us be involved in this wonderful day.

And many congratulations to Christina and Derek.
We all wish you a beautiful, blissful future!