A Day With Frankie


Frankie the Russian Tortoise is bored today. Oh look! There he goes scuttling away to explore the studio.


He comes across a camera case with a hard shell. No, it’s not a giant tortoise. Nonetheless, Frankie wants to be a photographer too.


Frankie gets distracted by a warm vent. Heat is good for his complexion.

He makes his way to the backdrop and tucks his head in.
Frankie thinks he can blend into the background. But he can’t.


Miraculously, he climbs a wooden stool and sits. Frankie is waiting for his family so they can get a group shot. But his family lives in Russia. They didn’t get the memo.


He descends the stool and continues on his journey. He sees Bj’s office with the door open. Frankie knows he’s not supposed to go into his dad’s office.


But he does it anyway.


Frankie heads up front when he hears someone come in. Frankie is good at greeting customers, but he keeps his distance so he doesn’t get stepped on.


Frankie hops back into his tank to relax. His little legs can only take so much travel in one day.


It’s time for a nap. Perhaps more fun will come tomorrow!

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