A Moment to Remember (ft. Christina and Derek)

Get ready to fall in love with Christina and Derek… because we did!

What started as a family session turned into a surprise engagement that made the entire studio burst into tears and smiles.

It all began when Oachia Irvin—Christina’s mother—contacted the studio about a family photo session…with a twist. Her daughter’s boyfriend was going to pop in and pop the question, so being the savvy woman she is, Oachia looked to us to catch Christina off guard…and on camera.

Come March 29th.

While Derek, Christina’s boyfriend, hid in one of our offices, Oachia, Tyrone, and Christina were being photographed by BJ. To Christina, it was a typical family session—until the man of her dreams asked her to be his wife.

She said yes.

It’s moments like these that we live to capture—these moments of pure happiness, pure love, and joy.

Thank you to Oachia for letting us be involved in this wonderful day.

And many congratulations to Christina and Derek.
We all wish you a beautiful, blissful future!

5 thoughts on “A Moment to Remember (ft. Christina and Derek)

  1. Thank you Image Photography for capturing this amazing memory! Your pictures are a work of art. You helped make it an engagement to remember. The vision was presented to you, and you were up for the task. Our family is so grateful to BJ and his staff!

  2. We are grateful to you for coming to us and letting us be a part of such a romantic surprise!

  3. My wife has done nothing short of make our lives the most memorable. As always she made the right choice in coming to you to make it another memorable moment. Thank you guys for making this happen for us.

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